Marital relationship Traditions in Bangladesh

The marriage commemoration in Bangladesh follows the Gaye Holud ceremony wherever turmeric is put on the bride’s skin. The bride’s family is responsible for the ceremony, and the groom’s family joins in afterward in the evening. This ceremony is and then a grand a lunch break. After the big event, the bride and groom are international dating for filipina women allowed to mingle with one another, and the groups of both the wedding couple exchange gift items.

During the ceremony, the groom’s family members invites pretty much all his family and good friends. The bride’s family is the guest of honor and is invited together with the groom’s family and friends. The bride’s home arrives together with a tray of floral at any time you and a bowl of khoi, a traditional sweet yogurt.

The bride is blessed by parents of both equally sides of the home before the marriage. She then will get a ‘ruhi’ fish, which will represents male fertility, longevity, all the best, and intelligence. The groom’s family also blesses the bride and soon-to-be husband. Later, the bride’s parents, relatives, and close friends eat the fish in concert.

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Through the marriage ceremony, the bride’s relatives and friends bless the wedding couple, and the bride starts her existence with her significant other. This is a unique and emotional moment in the lives of both the bride and groom. In earlier times, the woman had to travelling far to marry the soon-to-be husband, as well-to-do families sometimes lived far apart. Today, they may also live in a similar neighbourhood.

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